It may appear a bit random, creating a website about vinyl which has a sole aim to sell t-shirts.

T-shirts Vinyl is Cool

The first design

Well yeah, but the reason is that as much as I love music and adore records, my knowledge is limited and my resources even more so.

As much as I would like to review the latest vinyl releases from a wide genre of artists, it’s just not possible.

I can’t afford to buy more than 1 or 2 records a month. I sure as heck can’t afford the latest equipment to play it on (see my ‘how to buy a record player blog‘).

Therefore hifi reviews are out, besides there are many sites that can do it a lot better than I.

Yes I could fake it. Rehash a number of reviews and publish them as my own but that’s not me. I don’t copy or ever want to be accused of stealing someone else’ hard work.

So why t-shirts?

Basically I have some great designs up my sleeves. Plus it’s a better attempt at making a living than queuing up for 24 hours on Record Store Day to make money trying to flip those records.

That’s why t-shirts. Will it be successful?  Time will tell.