So a few months back I wrote about the random day that the Oasis store decided to drop 20 years worth of back catalogue out of the blue. (Scroll down if you’ve not read it)

The drop consisted of First edition records that had been out of stock for years across the majority of the Big Brother catalogue.

At the time of writing, I thought that that was it, but it turns out it wasn’t. I was recently contacted via this site anonymously by someone who had read this very blog and decided to check the oasisnet store for themselves. I’ll let them tell the tale as it was sent to me.

Hey, I read your article about the Oasis drop and thought you’d like to hear my tale. I checked their site wondering if anything would be left knowing there probably wouldn’t be. But, on there was the Heathen Chemistry LP, listed as the 2009 version for just £25.

I took a punt on a copy knowing it was more likely to be the 2016 repress than the super heavy weight 2009 press.

When it came, it was the original 2002 first press, still fully factory sealed and mint! Worth over £100 (130+ I’ve seen sold on eBay – Ed) for just £25

So I thought I’d by a couple more, I ordered 3 more. And then before they arrived I got giddy and ordered another 6.

The first three arrived. And this time I got 1 of each

  • 2002 First Press
  • 2009 Super Heavyweight Reissue (Promo edition) (recently sold for £165 on eBay though I don’t know if it was this copy – Ed)
  • 2016 Repress
  • Thinking it was over I tried to cancel my second order of 5 but it had already been dispatched. So I expected 5 more 2016 copies.
    What came was 4 more 2002 First press and a second 2009 Promo.

    Being the greedy sod I am, I bought another 7 (I couldn’t add anymore to my basket as they’ve sold out) and another 7 mint first press 2002 copies of Heathen Chemistry arrived and here is the proof,

    thanks for the blog, you’re gonna make me a nice stack of dosh

    As this was an anonymous post I can verify any of it, though that is a picture of 15 records which do all look like the first press issue.

    Am I gutted I missed out again? Hell yeah but hopefully this person who bought 15 can at least send me 1 as a thank you?

    See below for the original blog!

    The Dream We All Dream

    For many record collectors (this one included) there’s a dream, a fantasy, a ‘never going to happen but imagine if it did’ scenario we all like to torture ourselves with. It goes something like this:
    ‘How cool would it be if Artist XYZ’s staff/distribution team found an old box of Album X or Single Y in the back of the store room? And then they put them on sale at the standard price, not the currently riculously inflated eBay/Discogs price, but the original RRP. How cool would that be?’
    Well, on Friday the 30 July, 2021, around 11am GMT, something similar happened.
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    Nearly 21 years after its original release, an email dropped in to the inbox of Oasis subscribers, advertising the availability (albeit extremely limited) of their ‘holy grail’ LP, Familiar to Millions AND for the original rrp of just £25…yep, you read that correctly. £25.
    To put that figure in to context, the lowest for sale price (at time of writing, Aug 21) on Discogs is £420, that’s the lowest price, eBay at present is nearly double that (click here for latest offerings on eBay)

    What Happened Exactly?

    On Friday 30 July, an email was received by myself at 10.58, the below email, the email that you dream of…

    Oasis Familiar to Millions LP Vinyl Dig out your soul

    Unfortunately for this vinyl lover, I didn’t see the email until 20 minutes later and by the time I scrambled on, the only vinyl left was:
    Whatever – 12inch 2014 Definitely Maybe Box Set Exclusive
    Some might Say – 12 inch 2015 What’s The Story Box Set Exclusive

    Stop Crying Your Heart Out – 7 inch 2002 original

    What else was available?

    According to social sites, apart from Familiar To Millions, there was also available:

    Albums/Box Sets

    Familiar to Millions LP Oasis Vinyl on sale 7inch 12inch dog out your soul

    Yep, this was briefly for sale for just £25

    Familiar To Millions – 2000 First Press. Oasis price: £25 (current eBay price)

    Stop The Clocks – 2006 Box Set (rumoured to cost £20) click for current price on eBay

    Dig Out Your Soul – 2008 Box Set (rumoured to be under £30) click for current price on eBay

    Don’t Believe The Truth – LP 2005 First Press Sealed. (Est £25) Click for current price on eBay

    Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants – LP 2000 First Press Sealed. (Est £25) Click for current price on eBay

    Vinyl is cool t-shirt Now available to buy

    12 inch

    Whatever – 2014 Definitely Maybe Box Set Exclusive £20 (eBay price)
    Some might Say – 2015 What’s The Story Box Set Exclusive £20 (eBay price)
    Who Feels Love – 2000 First press £20 (eBay price)
    Songbird – 2003 First Press £20 (eBay price)
    Sunday Morning Call – 2000 First Press £20 (eBay price)
    Oasis, familiar to Millions, stop the clocks, sale box set, lp, vinyl

    A lucky buyer on Twitter showing off their purchases

    7 inch

    Who Feels Love – 2000 First Press £12 (eBay price)

    Stop Crying Your Heart Out – 2002 First Press £12 (eBay price)

    The Hindu Times – 2002 First Press £12 (eBay price)

    Little By Little / She Is Love – 2002 First Press £12 (eBay price)

    These are just the ones that I can confirm through social media posts.

    So, in summary…don’t be too quick to unsubscribe from those email lists, you never know what may become available!