Vinyl is Cool t-shirts are professionally screen printed using the best textile industry standard plastisol inks. Using this technique gives a sustainable, long-lasting print that can be washed again and again.

But what does that mean?

Screen printing, compared with Digital printing, which in my experience doesn’t last, results in a t-shirt that can be washed again and again without any loss in the sharpness or colour of the print. Meaning that a Vinyl is Cool t-shirt can be worn with pride again and again. Better quality means less waste and fewer clothes going to landfill.

But don’t just take my word for it, the comparison is easy to see as the images show below. The Vinyl is Cool t-shirt on the left is one that was screen printed, the one on the right, is the one digitally printed via a well known online company. The one on the left has been washed 20+ times, the one on the right, less than 10. I don’t wear it, it’s embarrassing, to be honest as it’s so faded.

Screen printing t-shirts

The quality of screen printing speaks volumes and means you can buy any t-shirt, (not just an awesome Vinyl is Cool t-shirt) with confidence.

Through my research into which t-shirt design aspect I should use as a creator of limited edition, vinyl related t-shirts, I started with a digitally printed t-shirt from a well known online company. It’s fair to say when I took delivery of the single item, I was less than enthused. The quality of the colours were poor, the feel was basic really, it was a poor substitute to the image I’d ordered from the screen a few weeks earlier.

In summary

If you want a bespoke t-shirt of your very own design, one that you only need for a one-off occasion, then digital printing is probably the better option for you. You can probably pick up your unique stag do / holiday nickname / hen do bespoke designed t-shirt for under a tenner.
However, if you want a cool t-shirt that will hold it’s colour, wash after wash and look as good summer after summer then screen printing is the way to go.

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