Vinyl is cool exclusive limited edition t-shirts

Vinyl is Cool T-shirts, now available

The mission:

To produce limited runs of exclusively designed t-shirts that sum up the power of vinyl.

Because, Vinyl is Cool.

The Beginning

Records as a child Records have been played in our house for as long as I can remember playing music. My first record player was given to me by an Aunt when I was barely 7 years old, I know this as I was also given Madonna's Dress You Up and Wham's I'm Your Man as my...

The Research

Research, research and more research Did I mention research? So you want to make your records sing and join the cool team of vinyl? Hey, not a problem, come on in, but first can I just check, what turntable do you want? How much can you spend on an amp? Will you be...

The Search

Having spent a few solid weeks scouring and searching as much of the internet as possible (you can read that here), I'm relatively confident I know what I want and I can now make a well informed decision on what could possibly be a suitable turntable to...

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